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The School Newspaper of Vista Ridge High School

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The School Newspaper of Vista Ridge High School

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Presenting The President

Spreading Her Leadership Till The End, Senior Natalie Eddings Speaks About Her High School Experience
Band Booster Club
Leading the band in one of their favorite traditions, Eddings was presented the Band Member of The Week. “The person who receives the title is someone our leadership team has voted on that demonstrates qualities we would like to see in our program. As band president I announce who this person is,” Eddings said.
After a great preview performance at Vista, Eddings and her twin sister snapped a photo. “I was very excited to see her because she was so happy to be there to support me,” Eddings said.

Waking up every day with determination and dedication to her academics, the band program, and band president, Natalie Eddings has shown remarkable leadership and responsibility skills her whole high school career.

It isn’t really a secret that band takes up a lot of time. Between rehearsals, concerts, competitions, and practice, there isn’t a whole lot of time you can spend with friends outside of school,” Eddings said. “I wouldn’t say it was music that bonded people together, it was the teamwork and “mutual suffering” that everyone would experience together.”

Edding’s sophomore year was her first impression of high school. “My first day at Vista Ridge was in my sophomore year because of Covid, and I remember being a little nervous because I hadn’t been to school for a while. I also remember getting lost a lot and wondering if anyone would notice me doing circles around the upstairs of the A building.”  

She saw her first role models in the band as a sophomore, feeling inspired and wanting to do more for the program. Eddings wanted to be a leader and learned by watching other band leaders throughout the years.

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“There is not one specific person that has motivated me, it has been many people,” Eddings said. “These people I know are insanely talented musicians I have gotten to know and become friends with. Their achievements of making all state, winning solo competitions, and getting placed in some of the best music schools in the country are not what inspires me, but the musicianship every one of them brings to the table. It is both very cool and very humbling to play with them.”

Her plan for the future is to attend UT Austin on a 4-year music scholarship.

“The biggest challenge for me to face in high school was definitely online school my freshman year,” Eddings said. “A lot of my motivation for music and school was lost and it took a long time for me to develop sturdy time management skills and a passion for learning again. I would keep a planner to write in, always try to do homework in class, and I became surrounded by people who have a passion for music.” 

One of the biggest pieces of advice she wants to give is, “Progress is not linear, so do not expect immediate results,” Eddings said. “When it comes to anything, sports, band, art, etc. you should always work hard even when results do not happen immediately. So do not quit, because eventually your progress will add up and you will see how far consistent hard work gets you.”

“ I am really excited but also a little nervous for new experiences,” Eddings said. I am going to miss all of my friends, but I will only be a half-hour drive away so I am optimistic. In 10 years I would like to see myself teaching music to others at a school or be in a professional orchestra. I also see myself traveling with some people and getting a cat!”

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