The Great Chicken Debate

Sierra DeBakey, Reporter

Bush’s vs. Cane’s

So the big question around campus is who has better chicken — Bush’s or Cane’s?

I decided I would go on my own journey and decide which was best. Two chicken meals with tea and sides later, I came to my conclusion.

Bush’s has a wider variety of food on the menu such as mac and cheese, fried okra, french fries,rolls, etc. Cane’s on the other hand has a very limited selection of food, such as chicken, coleslaw, texas toast, and fries.

Now for the actual chicken. Cane’s has somewhat dry chicken, which could be good or bad, it all depends on what you like. Bush’s chicken is greasy, on the other hand, which also could be a bad or good thing depending on your preference. My personal preference would have to be Bush’s greasy, flavorful chicken.

Both restaurants also have extremely different environments. Cane’s has a more commercial and modern feeling. You walk into an industrial looking building that has modern pop and rap music playing. Where as Bush’s has a more down to earth, at home, southern feeling. You walk in and you hear country music and can watch sports and news on the TV screens. The staff is more friendly and polite and make sure you get exactly what you want. It’s a place where family and friends can just come in and have a good time. Bush’s also supports local high schools in Leander ISD.

When a vote was taken, Bush’s was found to be the better chicken place with almost twice as many votes as Cane’s. The most deciding factor, students believed, in choosing between the two places was Bush’s tea and Cane’s special sauce. As for me, there was never really an argument as to which one was better. Bush’s all the way!

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