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The School Newspaper of Vista Ridge High School

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The School Newspaper of Vista Ridge High School

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Problematic Parking

A picture taken on a sunny day from a students car in the old C lot before everything changed.

Once the students of Vista Ridge come back from their spring break, they are going to quickly learn that their normal parking spots are long gone. Since new bonds passed in LISD, many schools including ours are having renovations done. This means that while each wing of the school is being renovated, the classes in those halls will be relocated to temporary portables that will be in the parking lot. Since students will no longer be able to park in the C lot, and half of the B lot, only seniors will be allowed to park on campus, and all others will be forced to park across the street at Gupton Stadium and walk to class. 

Many students, especially sophomores and juniors who are being affected by these changes are very upset about having to park at Gupton and walk, and they have valid concerns related to time and even safety. 

“I’m really mad because it’s already hard to get to school on time and making us go all the way from Gupton to school is going to be so hard in the morning,” junior Bella Hinojosa said. “I used to park in C lot and it helps me get home faster because I’m closer to the door, but now Ill have to walk to and from Gupton in the morning and afternoon and its going to take so much more time”

For students who previously parked in the B or C lot, it was just a quick walk to the back gate in between the B and C building. Now, you have to struggle to find an open spot in Gupton, hope that cars stop at the crosswalk, and walk to 5 minutes just to get to the courtyard. That’s before even entering a building and walking to your class.

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“I think it is a little silly especially with PALs needing to get to our cars every week to go to our visits, and it’s going to be really unbeneficial,” junior Abbie Notgrass said. “We already have a pretty short class and having to walk back and forth most days is just wasting time.”

In the PALs class, all students have to drive to travel to their assigned elementary schools at least once a week, and some even twice. Making these students walk back and forth so much means they will miss more class, and be off campus for longer periods of time, meaning they can’t be monitored and kept safe. 

“Having to walk from Gupton to Vista is going to be pretty dangerous for both the students and other members of the community, especially drivers,” junior Riley Horn said. “With no crossing guard and only one place to cross the street, students walking are at a major risk.”

Safety should always be the number one priority, especially in schools. Continuing with the plan can be potentially dangerous for not just students, but also surrounding drivers. With so much foot traffic from kids walking to and from Gupton to school every day, and because high school students aren’t the most patient people, disaster is just waiting to strike. 

“It just sucks that they are implementing it this late in the year when there’s only two months left,” Hinojosa said.

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Ada Myrick, Staff Reporter
Ada Myrick is a junior and is excited to be a writer for The Word this school year! This is Ada's first year being on the newspaper, and she has big aspirations as she wants to work for a big newspaper someday. She is involved in many other things at Vista, but the main thing is choir. Ada is in the chorale choir and loves it. But above all, she is looking forward to writing for the paper this year, and getting to share her stories with the world!

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