September Movie Reviews

Megan Hippe, Reporter

The_Family_2013,_Poster[1]“The Family”

“The Family,” a movie shot in a present-day Italian village follows an old-time mafia boss (De Niro) and his family after he has ratted on some of his “old friends,” proves to be anything but appropriate for the family. Not only are the crude humor and overwhelmingly awkward scenes disturbing enough to watch in the company of your loved ones, but the overall gruesome tone tends to be a bit much. However, though this movie is not one to be taken lightly, especially by those who intend to eat after watching it, I would highly recommended seeing it with a group of friends or someone who isn’t going to cover your eyes every time someone gets shot. When you aren’t having to worry about the people your there with, it’s much easier to catch some of the smaller more amusing lines. There is a severe lack of dull moments as well as legitimately sentimental ones creating an entertaining but quite strange tone. This movie contains plenty of drama, dry humor and gore. If you’re OK with a little blood and some inappropriate jokes, you have come to the right place.


Insidious_Chapter_2_1[1]“Insidious Chapter 2”

Many can’t help but go into “Insidious Chapter 2” with high hopes due to its exceedingly riveting and startling prequel; only to be let down to find a completely typical, unoriginal and overall unimpressive ‘scary movie’. Most movie goers have a specific genre they prefer. Those who like scary movies are usually the hardest to please.  After watching a number of horror flicks they realize the plots have all began to stem from the same idea and ‘scare tactics’ making them predictable and more of a comedy then a jump-out-of-your-seat-scare-fest. That is exactly what went wrong with “Insidious Chapter 2”. Not only could you see nearly every ‘surprise’ coming, but they included 90 percent of them in the preview. This movie may start out fine, but don’t be fooled the more you get into it, the farther you will be from impressed.

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