Jumanji Takes Their Humor to ‘The Next Level’ With Their Sequel


Raiyan Shaik, Reporter

Dethroning the smash hit “Frozen 2,” Jumanji’s sequel had impressive numbers in box offices. “Jumanji: The Next Level,” grossed an estimated $60.1 million in domestic ticket sales in its first weekend. In fact, since its December release, it has collected nearly $1 billion in box offices around the world. The PG-13 film is still crushing it week after week. 

The adventure comedy, directed by Jake Kasdan, follows the original cast as they venture back into the broken video game to save their friend. The star studded cast returns with the new additions of Danny Glover, Danny DeVito and Awkwafina. The charming sequel offers generational humor with its diverse cast and vast age range.

While the humor mimics that of the first film, it does a great job of adapting the story to creatively weave new humor in essentially the same setting. The new gimmick is the addition of two grumpy old men, but Johnson and Hart do an excellent job of portraying their characters. Additionally, the body swap confusion further contributes to the light hearted, random hilarity throughout the film. While the humor lives up to the original, there were some aspects which failed to do so.

The action scenes often felt forced and not as impactful, as the original. The film also received criticism for going through the same motions as the first. Many also claimed the narrative was too predictable. However, the movie is just as well-written and funny. The filmmakers did a wonderful job of not deviating far from core elements of the first film, but adding enough new components for it to be enjoyed as a separate entity. 

Overall, the movie, currently showing in theaters, is the perfect watch for families and ages of any kind. It’s fun and light, with enough of a storyline for it to be enjoyable. The sequel, unlike many others, matches the energy and the level of its predecessor. It’s a perfectly delightful comedy with some of America’s most endearing stars stuck in a video game. Who wouldn’t love to watch that?


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