The Word

Singer Harveen Kaur Performs Internationally

Taylor Travis, Guest Reporter

March 23, 2017

Nerves flood through her as she stares at herself in the mirror of the girls restroom. All she needs to do is get on stage, then it will be a piece of cake. She is ready. Freshman Harveen Kaur has competed internationally many t...

Random Ranger: Kaylin Tam

Seejin Kim, Reporter

January 12, 2017

Kaylin Tam (12) Q. What are some memorable moments from winter break? A. I played basketball, watched the movie Sing, went to see some model homes, and ate a lot of food. I also visited my relatives, which was pretty nic...

Work Like a Charm

Work Like a Charm

December 9, 2016

Random Ranger: Thomas Gunter

Raeann Fuentes, Reporter

November 29, 2016

Q: How is your school year going? A: Fine, I’m doing well with my grades, and I’m enjoying all of my classes. Nothing really hard has come up. So far this year has been great. Q: What are you involved with on campus? ...

Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights

November 10, 2016

The School Newspaper of Vista Ridge High School