Frank Ocean Finally Releases “Blonde” Album

Ashley Mack, Reporter

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After leaving his fans eagerly waiting for his new album, Frank Ocean finally reveals four years worth of music in his astounding new album, “Blonde” on Aug. 20. Ocean became famous when his first album “Nostalgia, Ultra” dropped and sent his career flying. He didn’t stop there. “Channel Orange” soon came out and reached number two on the Billboard top 20. Building up his following, this songwriter/rapper seemed unstoppable with his idiosyncratic musical style and storytelling techniques in current affairs. Therefore, after four years of silence, his new album came with a big bang. The songs differ from his past albums as they are about everyday life, about the feat of just existing. The album does a wondrous job of referencing the unarmed teen who was shot in Florida, Trayvon Martin. The album is filled with feelings and abstract ideas — love, philosophy, loss — that Martin may have never had the chance to experience. The stories Ocean tells find solace in sorrow. His obvious talent to take social issues and expose them to the core is seen in his widely acclaimed music video for the song “Nikes.” The album’s best songs include “Pink and white,” a mid tempo groover, “Godspeed,” emotionally heavy and “Nikes,” socially introspective. Ocean fills his songs with emotion and feelings toward societal ideals and his rebellion against them. Ocean decrees an alternative mood in comparison to other artists as he exposes his feelings toward life and its struggles. Leaving his emotions naked and exposed, Ocean does an amazing job on this album giving each song its own unique and special tone, varying the album. Ocean is by far the most interpretative and effective storyteller there is, but based on his recent return, it is evident that he is not done yet.

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