Exotic Sea Life Club Builds Salt Water Tank

Reid Foster, Reporter

Alexander Shinada


What is the exotic sea life club about?

It is pretty much in the name. We are going to be learning about certain types of aquatic life and how to maintain them in a closed ecosystem.


What do you do in the exotic sea life club?

The club revolves around setting up a small saltwater aquarium and the processes of keeping sea life alive and well.


Why did you start this club?

It is something I have been interested in for a long time, and I thought, why not share the great experience of keeping these aquatic animals with others who find it as interesting as I do.


What is your favorite thing about the exotic sea life club?

My favorite thing about the exotic sea life club is being able to hang out with friends while also involving something school related. I also enjoy being able to teach others about certain aspects of aquarium keeping that they may not have known before.


What do you need to do in order to join the exotic sea life club?

The main thing you need to have to join the club is an eagerness to learn and an interest in the subject. You also need to help maintain the aquarium and take care of the aquatic life inside.


How do you participate in the exotic sea life club?

Starting today we will begin the process of putting the tank together and assembling all the equipment necessary to keep all the sea life happy and healthy. Then, after we set it up, we will put all the fish we have chosen into the tank with the possibility of adding some colorful corals later on in the club.


What do you hope to achieve with the exotic sea life club?

The ultimate goal is to get more people interested in the hobby. It’s something that I find a lot of relaxation and peace of mind with, staring at a colorful fish, or a pulsating coral might help others see what I see. It’s something that gets almost addictive after you get started. I’m hoping that the aquarium at the club will fuel other’s passions for aquariums or other hobbies that are related.


To join the Exotic Sea Life Club, go to room 1805 on Wednesdays after school.

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