Spreading Kindness like Confetti

Makayla Brown, Guest Reporter

Key Club decorated the school with compliments for Key Club Week, a week to spread positivity and love from Nov. 6 to Nov. 10.

“The best part about Key Club week is seeing everyone smile and be giddy about everything since there’s so much negativity and we have the privilege to do our part by spreading kindness, ” freshman Leah Chapman said.

Key Club’s “take what you need” compliment posters were hung around the school in bright yellow and blue to encourage happiness and confidence.

“It feels amazing to be apart of such an incredible club because it makes you feel so good about making people feel awesome about themselves,” Chapman said. Through the week I saw people representing their compliments they got, and it was a good feeling to see the difference you can make.”

Key Club members volunteer at many things such as runs or events where people could use encouragement.

“Key club makes me feel like I’m creating an impact in my community while being a leader to others,” freshman Brooke Lund said.

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