The ‘Purshoe’ of Happiness

Catherine Rogers, Guest Reporter

One of Deca’s new projects for 2015, called Shoes for Souls, strives to help orphaned children by providing them with some special shoes. Everyone, including students, teachers, and community members, is invited to take part in this project that creates uniquely designed shoes for a good cause.

“We are trying to give orphaned children a brand new pair of shoes, which doesn’t come around that often,” junior Sian Lawrence said.

By providing a new pair of shoes to Ms. Jones or Sian Lawrence and engaging in their decoration during Ranger Time, anyone can help. Having participated in Deca for three years, Lawrence is the Project Manager for Shoes for Souls and said she is excited to begin the project and see the end result.

“We aren’t getting anything tangible,” Lawrence said. “Just that warm, fuzzy feeling when you help people.”

Meanwhile, Texas Deca has partnered with Buckner International to see the project through. Buckner International is an organization in Austin that focuses on the needs of orphaned children and family services. And so far, things seem to be going very well.

“I feel like we are getting there this time because the past couple of volunteer campaigns we hadn’t advertised as much nor did we have a very good haul,” Lawrence said. “We already have 15 shoes so we are halfway to our goal now.”

Advertising through the school announcements and posting flyers around campus has spread the word. In addition, Deca is planning on decorating the shoes with sharpies, studs, bedazzlers, and echo dye.

“[Shoes are] the most functional and practical piece of clothing,” Lawrence said. “Everyone is always in the need of a good pair of shoes.”

Not only are these shoes going to serve as a functional piece, but will be displayed at a competition among all Deca groups in the state. Each pair will be designed for a specific category at the competition before being delivered to the orphanages. But for Lawrence, there is more to it.

“It makes me feel as though I have given back to society and made a difference in the life of a stranger,” Lawrence said.

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