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2019 Student Council Elections

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2019 Student Council Elections

Constance Holder and Makayla Brown

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Elections for the 2019-2020 Student Council officers are coming up. Voting for President and Vice President take place on Thursday, Feb. 28, and voting for council seats takes place on Monday, March 4. The voting link for each day of voting will appear on the school website’s homepage. Here are the candidates:


Harveen Kaur 11: “As future president, my goal is to implement a more interactive way for students to directly connect with Student Council officers and advisors, such as through an app or extension, since much of the student body is unaware of events that StuCo hosts until dates come extremely near, and many of them have questions that may sometimes be left unanswered. Along with this, I want to endorse a more organized way of members helping out with school events so that there isn’t always a hectic situation that arises at each meeting and workshop.”

Valerie Le 11: “I believe I should be the next president of Student Council because I enjoy taking leadership in any situation. I also love working with others on projects or any community events, especially ones that involve the entire Vista student body. I’m also a very caring person and wish to make everyone feel included, and I think Student Council plays a big role in that.”

Rosalinda Rios 11: “I don’t want to win because of me, I want to win because of our class. I really want everyone to know who the president is, not some random person you see in the hallway. I want someone that you know and that you’re comfortable to talk to. I want to have everyone’s opinions and thoughts and goals, instead of my goals or the teacher’s goals, but what the student wants. I want the students to have a voice that can be heard from the president. I want to connect, and I want to make the class bigger and for everyone to participate. I don’t want division, like how it’s expected in our lives. I want everyone to be together and forget about the differences and become equal and have fun so the last memories can be unforgettable.”

Chanwoo Yoon 11: “If I win, I plan to implement a few services to make students’ lives easier. So perhaps I could (with the consent of Mr. Johnson) establish a system where students can stay before or after school to settle down and do their work while waiting for the class to start or their rides to come. Similar to Ranger Time, if this time period and the location are used correctly, I believe that we as students can become more productive to be successful in the future.”

Vice President:

Annika Carrillo 10

Jewells Escamilla 11

Michael Neibauer 10

Jonathan Postelnik 10


Kali Aman-Carrier 9

Vrunda Desai 11

Ramya Nambala 9

Charissa Work 10


Medha Annavarapu 10

Austin Browder 10

Pranay Chalasani 9

Esha Lalwani 10


Emily Nguyen 11


Jenna Alsukhni 11

Numa Dhuka 9

Nayeon Kim 9

Steven Maddela 10

Sarah Naser 10

Skye Nguyen 10

Riya Ramani 10

Leha Sasikumar 9

Kameron Sims 10

Melodie Song 11

Shreya Tiruvidula 10

Charlotte Wilkinson 10

Angeline Yu 9

Ashlyn Zunker 10 





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2019 Student Council Elections