GRANDSON: A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1

Isatu Cissoko, Reporter

After listening to Grandson’s first album, released in the summer of 2018, I couldn’t help but feel like I stumbled upon the country’s next new artist of 2019.

Grandson is a Canadian-American musician who recently hit the top 40 on multiple Billboard charts. Unlike other albums, this one hits hard on the political imbalances of the government and the people. It doesn’t shelter the youth from the broken political system. His music offers a rock/ hip hop vibe with a heavy base. With outrageous drums and guitar in the background that complement the lyrics making this album all the more enjoyable.

The best song on this album is for sure ‘Stick Up’ because, it’s telling a story about a man with a family that he can’t feed because the government jobs are rigged against him. The bridge of this song includes a guitar solo unlike any guitar solo I’ve ever heard before.

The worst is ‘Despicable’, because I felt that I’ve heard the lyrics all before by almost every artist ever. But I liked the smooth tone of the acoustic guitar. That was something he didn’t have in any of his other songs.

If you are into the “rock and roll mosh pit” scene, then you are sure to love his music. You can buy this on his website at the unbelievable price of $5.99 or get it on any music app. I highly recommend listening to this album. I will have to say I think I have found my new favorite artist.


RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

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