Back to School Shoe Shopping


Jazra Williams, Reporter

As we dive into the school year, new fashions, trends and looks have come to rise, but the most prevalent is the new style of shoes. 

The common shoe with most everyone is Vans, which includes low tops, hightops and slip ons, with different colors and patterns.

“I needed a pair of new shoes, and I wanted some Vans,” junior Kelley Cook-Wells said. “I chose these checkered, yellow and black ones because I wanted something vibrant. They were shoes I bought after we started school. They were there, so I bought them.”

A newer shoe that has come into the Nike world that is popular among athletes and around the school are Air Maxes of every kind.

“I got the RealTree Air Max 97’s,” junior Adam Hunter. “I was actually just browsing on Eastbay because they have some live deals and I was like ‘dang those are tough.’ ” 

Although students in the halls wear the same brands, people diverge from the crowd in their own way.

“I wanted something different that not everybody in our school has, I haven’t seen one person with these. I think I’m one of the lesser people with these shoes so it makes me feel kinda different,” Cook-Wells said. “I didn’t want to get the traditional red, black or white.” 

Being unique is slowly making a comeback throughout the school.

“I try to get shoes that no one has, and I haven’t seen anyone with them. It makes me feel like I’m not a follower,” Hunter said. “I don’t want to be a follower because that’s not how I was raised, at least that’s how I go about it.”

The students’ own style creates a good energy for coming back for the new school year. 

“Being different makes me feel confident, knowing that I can rock a vibrant color,” Cook- Wells said. “I think it’s cool that me and other people chose not to be like every other high school kid.” 


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