Sprint, T-Mobile Merger


Mia Beacom, Reporter

On February 11 2020, a New York federal judge has agreed to the merger of T-Moblie and Sprint. It was one of the last things T-Mobile had to do to but Sprint for $26 billion. They already had approval from the FCC and Justice Department. 

Attorney General Lettia James believes that this deal “is a loss for every American who relies on their cell phone for work, to care for a family member and to communicate with friends.” It will also most likely raise prices for wireless calling. 


“My mom is not going to be happy over the high prices, but I think it is going to be good that there will be more coverage,” sophomore Demi Disla said.


The merger is supposed to raise 5G speed and connection around the United States. It is to spread 5G to rura; areas and make it stronger in urban areas. 


Sprint’s executive chairman believes it is best for an American and United States economy. 


“I would be a lot happier if I was able to watch more shows and listen to more music on road trips with better connections,” sophomore Jadyn Lacki said.


Students were asked about how they feel about the merger and most said along the lines of how they would not like the higher cost of the bill. 


“I feel that if the rural areas had more connection to wireless calling, that it would benefit more people,” said sophomore Miranda King. 


This is the goal of the merger to create more connections throughout the United States. The final merger will happen soon. The final date is unknown yet. 

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