Random Ranger: Michael Rodriguez

Interviewer: Kayli Negrette, 9th Grade

Random Ranger: Michael Rodriguez, 9th Grade


So how is your school year going so far?- Pretty good, I have decent grades. 


Are you involved in anything on campus?- I play football and I’m in art 1. 


Oh okay, how is football going so far?- I’m an A team starter. 


Oh! Tell me about that, does it come with a lot of pressure?-  Yeah it is, Now I feel better though because I have a concussion, so i’m not playing. 

What did it feel like getting the concussion out on the field?- It was scary, I honestly don’t even remember getting hit. But yeah my nose started bleeding and it wasn’t good. 


What were you thinking at that moment?- I was thinking about how hard I got hit, because I had a bad headache and you know my nose was bleeding. 


How has it been affecting you since?- Well I can’t workout at all and can’t play sports. And I had to do half days for a whole week, and couldn’t be in school for like three days. 


Is it frustrating not being able to workout/play sports?– I mean I had to make up so many assignments.  Really stressful.


Are you planning on picking back up football when you get back to 100%?– Yeah I’m always planning to play football, always. 


How did you start getting involved in football?- I started getting involved because of my friends, So I gave it a try and really ended up enjoying it. 


What makes you enjoy it so much?– I like hitting people, and the team aspect of it. I like how we are a team, and they always have my back. 

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