Random Ranger: Miranda Maldonado Andrade

Random Ranger: Miranda Maldonado Andrade


How is your school year going so far?  It’s actually going quite well. I felt really nervous at first, but once I got here and got the hang of it, it’s been going really well. 


What were some of the things you were nervous about? I was really nervous about my classes and how I would do, but it’s going fine, honestly. 


What are some things you did to keep your grades where you wanted them to be? I did study a lot. I actually focused more on studying than the things that I wanted to do, but it all paid off. 


What were the hobbies that you couldn’t participate in because of studying? I like to watch a lot of shows and I like to go outside too.


What are some classes that you wished you could’ve done better? Probably math.


How do you think you would’ve done if you knew about the challenges of math beforehand? I think I would’ve done better if I’d actually asked questions and went to tutorials. That’s about it, but I could’ve definitely done better. 


What are some of the clubs or activities that you’re involved in and which one’s your favorite? I’m in Student Council as well as Students in Medicine, but I like Student Council better. In Student Council, I participated in the Homecoming Parade, as well as decorating for Homecoming. 


What is your most memorable memory of Student Council? Probably the first time I went to help out with the homecoming decorations. It was really fun and I met new people. I was on the gingerbread cutting out team. It was really hot that day, I just want to mention that because we were cutting outside and I was struggling, but it was still fun. 


What are some goals you have for your future in the Student Council? I plan on running for an officer position in the Spring elections, and I hopefully get the position. I also want to get along with everyone there and have a voice. 


Why did you join Students in Medicine? I decided to join it because I do want to learn more about the medical field, other than just being in biomed. I want to have more insights in it and know what I want to do, because I want to go into medical science but I’m not sure what yet, so I want more information on it. 


What led you to be interested in the medical field? I really want to help people, I know it may not be the prettiest sight sometimes, but I want to be able to help someone and make their day by helping them. 

When did you start believing that you wanted to be in a medical field? In second grade. We were doing this project of what we want to do when we grow up, and I drew myself in a nurse outfit, and that started my interest in the medical field.

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