Random Ranger: Analia Aponte


Jadon Porter, Reporter


How is your school year flowing as of right now?: My school year is really fun. I’ve gone on college tours, I’m passing all of my classes, and my teachers are really fun and cool. My teachers are awesome because they are always doing creative activities to find a way to entertain the class and to keep the class interesting and engaging.

Are there any specific clubs you are involved in on campus?: I am a member of the ESL Ambassadors Club, which takes charge of providing a program for kids from any other country that doesn’t know English. They’re in charge of giving tours around the school and making the transition easier for the school year.

What are your general hobbies and interests?:  I love to read and write. Books are very important to me, such as teen books and romance novels. They make me feel sad but also show me life experiences.

Have you experienced any embarrassing moments in your new school year?: I was walking through the sliding doors in a packed hallway, and someone stepped on my shoelace since it was untied, and I fell in front of everyone. They laughed at me but I did too so it was fine.

Any impacting things that happened this year?: The fact that I became a senior was an eye-opening change for me. I thought my junior year was difficult, but matters such as college applications, SAT, college resumes and tours has made me now aware that senior year is a lot busier.

What is the most important thing to you as of right now in high school?: I realized the most important thing is my friends because as my senior year started there will be new changes for them in the future. I realized how much I enjoy being around them as I may not be around them for long.

What types of things do you like to do with your friends?: Anything we can do, traveling downtown, going out to eat, or even sitting down and talking for hours is something that will always turn out to be a good time.

Are you enjoying any of your classes in your senior year?:  I’m really enjoying my psychology class because psychology is something that interests me, as I want to have it as a career. Having the opportunity to actually experience and make sure if it really interests me is awesome. My teacher Mr. Rushing is really fun, and he makes sure we all understand by giving us real-life examples.

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