Vista’s Got Talent: Annie Graham


Chris Reyes, Jadon Porter, and Noel Vinzon

Name: Annie Graham

Grade: 10th


Tell us a little bit about your talent? I dance and I can put my feet over my head it’s a chin stand.


How did you discover you could do all these tricks? I use to take acrobatics in my dance classes and we would practice doing chin stands.


How long have you been able to do chin stands? I learned how to do chin stands in the 6 grade but I have been dancing since I was two.

How did you teach yourself? I learned at my dance studio in acrobatic class.

Describe the most challenging part of this talent? It is hard to breath when you do it. So when I put my legs over my head it hurts.


What is easiest for you and why? It is now it wasn’t when my first time learned it. When I first did it my back wasn’t as flexible.


So did you have to go to classes for your back to be flexible? Yeah, I had to go to a class in my dance studio.


What is your all-time favorite trick and why? My have is an aerial because it was challenging at first and then when I got the hang of doing it. It was fun because it’s also so like spinning in the air with no heads. It’s also my favorite because my family isn’t flexible or a dancer so like I’m the first in my family to do all these skills.


What other talents can you do besides being flexible? I can do an aerial which that’s a cartwheel with no hard a back handspring a back tuck backovers and a needle.


Tell a time you performed in front of an audience and how you felt? Last weekend. It was for star steppers we did a circus dance so I got to show all of my skills.


How did dance help you in any way with this talent? It didn’t really but it’s good to have tricks when you’re dancing because they will take better.


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