NJROTC competes in the Tiger Challenge at Stony Point School

Chris Reyes

Guinivere Hansen


What did NJROTC do at the Tiger Challenge at Stony Point High School? We did many events like the mile relay, the team relay, obstacle course, dodgeball, female and male pull ups and tug-of-war. 

What kind of events did you do at the Tiger Challenge? I did dodgeball and team relay and tug-of-war. 

Why did you do these events? I did tug-of-war because I love doing tug-of-war. I also did team relay because I wanted to meet new people so I got to meet a new person as my partner. For dodgeball, I got put on the roster for that event. 

What’s something you had a hard time doing during one of your events? I had a hard time with dodgeball because I’m not that good, and it was really cold so I was shaking the whole time so I couldn’t throw the ball well enough. 

How did you feel on the way to Stony Point? I was excited because I thought it would be fun to hang out with other cadets in ROTC and see what the other ROTCs are like. I also was tired because I had to get up early. 

During the challenge, what was your favorite event you did? I really like tug-of-war because it’s fun, and I was the anchor. So I had the job to help pull the rope at the end, so I got to show I was stronger. 

In these events, did NJROTC place a high score? First for female tug-of-war and team relay.

How did you feel when the instructors announced Vista Ridge NJROTC won first place? It was amazing because female tug-of-war hasn’t won first place in three years. So to know I was able to be a part of a team that won first place felt amazing. I also really love tug-of-war, and I also wanted to win first place really bad.

What’s something you’re going to remember forever that happen during this event? Winning 1st place in female tug-of-war because I was the anchor, so I gotta pull everyone together. 

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